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@ddlovato: I want kick-box while eating a big fat cheeseburger covered in chocolate and cry while I watch the notebook all at the same time. Anybody?


That’s our DEMI

“If I decided I’m the girl to change the world, I can do it anytime.” - Demi Lovato.

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Underneath the surface there’s so much you need to know and you might feel like you’re drowning but that’s what I need to let go.

"I think the, the most meaningful one to me is'Stay Strong.' It was one of my first few tattoos as well. When I got out of rehab that’s the first thing that I did is I went and got tattooed ‘Stay Strong’ because a lot of fans were telling me that and it helped me get through a rough period. So anytime that I would feel triggered to either self-harm or act out in an unhealthy behavior, I could look down at that and stay strong.”